2010 November Tunes

November: Kicked off with a free download from the godfathers of punk music, Bad Religion; a tribute album titled, “Germs of Perfection”. You never know what you are going to get when it comes to a tribute album of cover songs, but start to finish, this album is just as strong as Bad Religion’s 30 year career in punk rock. It usually takes a swift twist of the arm to confess a favorite track off an album full of hits but I am a sucker for a good ballad, and “Sorrow” covered by Switchfoot is my track of choice. It’s so refreshing to see a Christian band pay tribute to Bad Religion were so many other “Christians” have shut them out over a difference in beliefs. A ture victory for the heart of man. A close second was Polar Bear Club‘s dialed cover of Better Off Dead. The Weakerthans and Tegan & Sarah, were a little less concerned about keeping things punk rock, taking the liberty of turning some classics inside out and giving them an indie makeover.

I was actually quite shocked that YouTube-famed recording artist, Emily Davis, didn’t throw down on “Germs…”. If you haven’t seen her acoustic covers on YouTube then here’s a taste of what you’re missing.


I am so excited and lucky that I stumbled upon Allison Weiss. Don’t know much about her but I took a liking to her music in the first 30 seconds of the first song I heard. Her music is authentically indie with a nice pinch of pop. Paring: Sounds like Ingrid Michaelson with a shot of Chris Walla. The music video for her first single, “Fingers Crossed”, features an epic battle-of-the-sexes with waterguns, casualties, and an emo sentiment reminiscent of the late 90′s. Definitely worth a viewing. In other news… I was really let down by the latest release from Jimmy Eat World. My first few listens through, “Invented” were quite uneventful. Interested to hear others thoughts on the album and even more interested to see them live on December 12.

“Fingers Crossed” – Allison Weiss
“Tiahuanaco” – Alfred Linares
“Jah Live” – Bob Marley

“Germs Of Perfection” – Bad Religion
“Invented” – Jimmy Eat World

HOLIDAY BONUS: Here is a recording that I did in my bedroom studio a couple of years ago. It is a cover by Mason Jennings titled, Living In The Moment. Happy holidays, hope you enjoy.

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