2012 March Tunes

Preservation Hall
My dreams came true this month at Presentation Hall on Bourbon Street. My wife and I had the opportunity to spend two full days in New Orleans before departing on a salsa dancing cruise to the Caribbean. We spend the first day and night exploring the French Quarter and Bourbon Street just a few yards from our gorgeous hotel. We ate veggie muffalettas and purchased masks for our masquerade ball set to take place on the cruise ship later in the week.

Although this was my 3rd passing through New Orleans it had been my dream to spend a couple days exploring the Jazz clubs. I first was turned on to Jazz in a high school music course where we ended our history of music course by watching excerpts from the Ken Burns Jazz Collection. A couple years after my parents bought me the entire 10 DVD Collection for Christmas. I watched the collection religiously before bed a couple years in college and dreamed about going to New Orleans to soak it in.

We started at one end of Bourbon Street and made our way down stopping in almost every spot. It felt like we were in Disneyland running from ride to ride. Finally, we stumbled upon Preservation Hall. I recalled hearing about this historic jazz club and new it was a special stop. The place was packed but a table for two opened up right as we walked in. The band was on break as we listened to the white noise of chatter, chiming in with our own chatter from time to time but mostly just listening to a tiny club on the corner of Bourbon Street just doing it’s thing as it has did in the 1920′s.

As the band took the stage I scooted to the edge of my seat. The next 45 minutes was magical. It was beyond all my imagination. The conversation of jazz. Never had I seen musicians speak so fluently through their instruments. This was my musical pilgrimage. A visit to the birthplace of American music to better understand who I am and where I come from.

The night moved on through the dimly lit club and we stayed glued to our wooden chairs. It was just approaching the third intermission when half of Bourbon Street went pitch black. This is the pinch yourself part of my story.

The only thing affected by the electricity was the darkness. The music never stopped. The band didn’t miss a note. The waitresses moved through the tables gracefully making their way back to the bar. The located the table candles and lit them for each table.

Sherwood Says Goodbye
One of my favorite bands in the last ten years has been a California group by the name Sherwood. I first heard of Sherwood when I was slotted as the opening act for them back in 2004, under my solo project. They put out a record in 2007, which I dubbed the best record of 2007.

I would describe their music as having a modern day Beach Boys flavor. With great excitement, Sherwood announced their next album release on March 17th and then a few days the band posted their goodbye letter. The music always lives on.

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