It’s official, I will be going out on the road with my good friends Set Your Goals. The Bamboozle Road Show tour, featuring headliners Saves The Day and Armor For Sleep, starts March 28, 2008 in Seattle, WA. SYG was offered this tour at a time when the band was denying all tour offers to free up time to write a sophomore record. But the band put everything on hold for the chance to tour with one of their most influential bands, Saves The Day.

Set Your Goals lead singer, Jordan Brown, and I, formed the pop-punk band (Proclor) in 1999. It was through the addition of our drummer, Justin Dohrman that we were first introduced to Saves The Day’s breakthrough album, Through Being Cool. A record that all of us would admit changed our lives in more ways than one. Stop by one of the shows and catch me doing guest-vocals for the song “Latch Key.”

Mar 28, 2008 TBA – Seattle, WA.
Mar 29, 2008 TBA – Portland, OR.
Mar 30, 2008 TBA – San Francisco, CA.

Apr 01, 2008 TBA – Santa Cruz, CA.
Apr 02, 2008 TBA – Chico, CA.

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